When you consider your rights as a property owner, they are always at risk. You could try to purchase a new construction home or building or renovate an existing structure from any builder, well-known or obscure, and get less-than-professional results. In this post, we discuss the nature of construction defects and suggest why you might need Minnesota construction litigation lawyers:


There are many elements that go into assembling a home or a building. There are many professional tradesmen who work on its design and then build it. Just to name a few, there are plumbers, electricians, stonemasons, carpenters, drywall installers, roofers, excavators, landscapers, and tile layers. Each person who participates in the project must give attention to detail and use the right materials and techniques to ensure that your building is sound. If these professionals don’t do their jobs well, the building or home can immediately present an unsafe environment and/or not perform according to its design and purpose.


According to FindLaw, there are different types of construction defects that could affect your property:

Structural integrity – concrete, masonry & division, carpentry, unstable foundations
Expansive soils
Water intrusion (often resulting in toxic mold)
Thermal and moisture protection
Doors, windows, and glass

Generally, these are the different aspects of a building that might not satisfy you. However, some of them are so troublesome that they can affect the integrity of the entire building. For example, improper window installation, stucco installation, siding installation, or roofing installation can allow water to infiltrate your home’s wall assemblies and rot its structural framing.


If there is something wrong with your home or building, then your construction defect could fall into one of several categories: construction deficiencies, design deficiencies, material deficiencies, or subsurface deficiencies. If there is a leak somewhere that allows the growth of mold, you may have a construction deficiency. If your structure was built in a way that differs from Minnesota state and local building codes, you could have a construction deficiency or a design deficiency. If the inside of the structure has problems such as Chinese drywall or leaky windows, you may have a materials deficiency. If there is a problem with frost heave or settling at your home or with the foundation due to underlying soil conditions, you could have a subsurface deficiency.


As a property owner, it’s important to protect your rights to inhabit a home or a building that’s built to code and structurally sound. If you become aware of a design deficiency, a material deficiency, a construction deficiency, or a subsurface deficiency in the state of Minnesota, we recommend that you immediately consult an attorney. As your Minnesota construction defect litigation attorneys, we excel in assembling the facts in your case and determining who is at fault. We can also advise on the appropriate statute of limitations, which would affect your ability to seek relief through the courts. If you postpone hiring a lawyer, you could miss the chance to have your day in court. Many potential defendants would rather settle out of court to avoid a trial. You want to be sure that you pursue claims for construction defects before it’s too late. Please contact us for more information.


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