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For different reasons, some married couples fallout, and seek divorce as a way out of each other’s embrace. Some fall apart due to financial reasons, some do due to infertility issues, some do because of infidelity issues, and some even do as a result of a party abusing the other, physically or psychologically. 

Nevertheless, despite divorce seeming as a lifeline out of asymbiotic or lackluster marriages, the intricacies involved in getting one are not easily discardable. Divorce cases last so long in courts due to both parties refusing to reach common grounds on issues such as financial or property settlement, child custody in cases where offsprings are involved, and so much more. And the longer cases linger, the more frustration sets in for both parties and substantial amounts of money gets expended.

Thus, in the light of avoiding these divorce brouhahas in court, the need for a divorce mediator in Toronto is inexcusable. In latter parts of this article, the functions of a divorce mediator would be concisely discussed.

Who is a Divorce Mediator? 

A divorce mediator is usually one person, an independent third party, who employs mediation as a means of negotiation for divorce settlement. 

Neutral Party

A divorce mediator as opposed to hired attorneys by the parties involved, takes no side, hears out both parties, draws inferences, makes references, and encourages compromise and consequent mutually beneficial resolutions.

Without necessarily making assertions, the divorce mediator helps both parties take decisions that lead to a consensus. Moreover, due to biases tending to influence the emotions of the estranged couple, a divorce mediator serves as an emotional evaluator and perception aggregator.

This way, both parties are able to set aside their differences and explore pragmatic possibilities and not chase after smoke. With issues such as child custody which could be emotional for both parties, the mediator upon evaluation of the verbal and nonverbal indices of both parties, makes propositions that will be in the interest of the child(ren) involved, and not also feel unfavourable to any party regardless of who gets custody.

Reduces Stress-filled Court Visits

Another function of divorce mediators is to save the couple from the stress-filled carouseling of court hearings, the publicizing of personal issues and also spending audacious sums to fuel the hearings. Court hearings prolong issues by adjournments, and go through a row of processes.

Divorce mediators act as time savers and a frugal way out on divorce matters.


Furthermore, unlike the way of Court cases whereby the court usually restrains involved couples from meeting each other, which fosters the bad blood between both parties, divorce mediators serve as synergizers who help douse the flame of hotheadedness, and thus create a turf for both parties to express themselves to each other regardless of differences.

This still keeps both parties on leash, and can encourage a flicker of hope and help them meet even beyond the confines of the divorce mediator, to reach mutual agreements.

Clears Misinformation and Misinterpretation 

In addition, divorce mediators help involved parties in cases where misinterpretation or misinformation is the reason for disconnection. And they do this by serving as magnifying lenses and knot looseners. Some couples think they are no longer compatible. Unknown to them, it is not the absence of love for each other, but a case of misunderstanding expressions and misinterpreting intentions. Thus, it is the function of an employed divorce mediator, to perceive their positions and help reposition their convictions.

Mediation is fashioned and employed to caress the ego of both parties without jeopardizing the need for pragmatism. In some cases, mediation eventually leads to reconciliation. And in cases where it doesn’t, divorce agreements are consensually made and settlements are amicably done.

Afterwards, a mutual lawyer is to be employed by the couple after mediation, to have the meditation proceedings certified by the court. Because only upon involving a lawyer and filing with a court, can a divorce be deemed valid. To enlist the services of expert divorce mediators in Ontario, you can visit. 

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