Property damage is an unfortunate but often inevitable part of owning a home or operating a business. This is why insurance against weather and other damage is one of the main building blocks of a secure responsibility with a property.

A bizarre incident in Minnesota is showcasing a less-common need for reliable property insurance. A quarry in Mankato is having its explosives license suspended for two months in response to an incident in April, in which a strong blast showered a nearby neighborhood with rocks the size of basketballs.

No injuries were reported, but stones knocked holes in the siding of houses and left divots in front yards and driveways. The tremor causes by the blast registered on local seismographs used for detecting earthquakes, and it was felt in homes and offices across the Minnesota River valley.

Mankato residents know that the explosions are common enough to ignore, so there was little warning before the rain of rocks. Workers from the quarry arrived minutes after the blast to attempt to clean up – either out of neighborly duty or trying to cover up the mistake.

The state’s investigation concluded there was no negligence involved, and the quarry can resume blast operations after the 60-day permit suspension lapses and the investigation ends. However, the operating company and others that have endangered local property may be financially liable for damage caused by their operations.

Property damage claims are generally accepted by insurers. However, if you have had a legitimate claim denied while trying to repair or replace damaged property, consider legal representation and weigh your options while dealing with the insurance firm.

Source: The North Jefferson News, “Blast at Minnesota quarry showers nearby neighborhood with large rocks,” Mark Fischenich, Aug. 09, 2017


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