Tips for Property Owners Beginning Large Construction Projects

By |August 11, 2020|

When entering into a construction contract it is important that a property owner take measures to protect themselves from possible issues that may arise.  The most common disputes between property owners and contractors stem from miscommunication. It may have to do with the scope of work performed, the cost of the project, or the amount of time for completion.  Below…

All Minnesota General Contractors Must Create a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

By |June 25, 2020|

The Department of Labor and Industry Requires All Minnesota General Contractors Create a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan Following Governor Walz’s executive orders, all General Contractors in Minnesota (and any business engaged in the construction trades), must develop and implement a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan. The plan will outline the obligations and duties of the General Contractor in regards to the safety of…

COVID-19 Preparedness Plans in Minnesota for General Contractors

By |May 7, 2020|

Under the Governor’s Order on April 23, 2020, some businesses can re-open their offices so long as they follow certain guidelines set by the State to create a safe workplace.  Specifically, office workers who are essential to the business can return to work if they follow a “preparedness plan” that addresses the following issues: Work from home is required whenever…

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Risk as a General Contractor

By |July 30, 2019|

Working as a general contractor can be quite rewarding. You get to be your own boss, set your own hours, pick the projects you want and work with your hands. However, you are also at risk of finding yourself accused of making mistakes or doing a bad job by a client after you have already done the work on their…

Probate Part III – When Probate Should Be Avoided

By |December 7, 2020|

In part three of Smith Jadin Johnsons series on probate, this post discusses the scenarios when drafting a revocable trust as a client’s main estate planning device, and subsequently avoiding probate, makes the most sense. Depending on the type of estate, revocable trusts can be the preferred method of asset distribution for estates that are complex and for estates that require control over assets and/or privacy.

Probate Part 1: Is It a Four Letter Word?

By |November 2, 2020|

For many people, when they hear the word “probate” it conjures up something to be avoided like the plague.  Most of that stems from misunderstanding the process and procedure. This is the first of a three part series in which Smith Jadin Johnson explains when probate is appropriate for clients and when it should be avoided.


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