As summer rapidly approaches, we tend to think about shorts, barbecues and warm weather finally coming after a dreadful winter. However, a significant part of summer is the massive storms that happen all season long.
Summer storms often afflict significant damage on roofs, exteriors to houses and even the roads. But who pays to repair storm damage when it happens to a townhouse?

Three questions to ask before repairs

If you live in a townhouse and experience roof damage, you may assume your homeowner’s association (HOA) will cover the costs for repairs. However, there are three significant questions to ask before making any assumptions:

Do you rent your townhouse? – Someone how rents a townhouse will likely not pay for repairs because it falls under their landlord’s responsibilities. However, it’s crucial to report the damage quickly not to violate your lease.

Do you pay HOA dues? – If you own your townhouse, you most likely pay dues to your HOA. You will need to look at your agreement and see how the contributions cover repairs or capital improvements. If your HOA covers repairs, it’s up to you to report the problem and follow up on any necessary steps.

How many repairs are required? – Unfortunately, if the HOA agreement does not include roof repairs, you have to pay out of pocket, or through homeowner’s insurance. You will want to see the extent of the damage and how it may affect other areas of your home or neighbor’s houses. Find several different contractors for consultations and find the best price for the repairs.

After you answer those questions, you’ll know if it’s up to you or your HOA to pay for storm damage. As stated, many HOAs cover exterior damages, including roof improvements, if it’s in the initial agreements. Do not be afraid to seek proper coverage if your association won’t cover the cost despite the agreement.


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