When you live in an area where storms are common, you know that there is a risk of hail. Hail can be very damaging, going as far as to damage your roof, rip through your siding and destroy the exterior of your home. Even smaller hail can cause damage if there is enough of it traveling at a high enough speed.

Did you know that there were 6,045 major hail storms across the United States in 2017? Almost 40% of all insured losses claimed between 2012 and 2017 were due to hail damage. If that surprises you, just look at your home after a hail storm. Even if the damage isn’t significant this time, there is likely minor damage from the impact of hail and potentially holes in your siding or weaker points on your roof from the impact of the hard balls of ice.

When is hail most likely to affect your property?

Hail is most likely to cause problems for you between mid-April and mid-September, around the time when thunderstorms and tornadoes are most likely in Minnesota.

How do you know if your property has suffered hail damage?

To get the most out of a claim, you need to assess your property and see if it has damage. A few things you can check include:

Trees, plants and shrubs around your home. If they no longer have leaves and are stripped down to their branches, the likelihood is that your roof has been damaged, too. Call your insurance agent and make sure they assess possible damage to your roof.

Your vehicle, which may have dents or broken glass from the hail storm. If your car’s glass has broken, then you will also want to check skylights in your home, since they could be cracked, too.

If you do find damage, it’s up to you to take immediate action to prevent further damage. Cover broken windows and glass, so that rain won’t come into your house. If there is a hole in your roof, cover it, too, and place a bucket or tub under the hole to catch any water that breaks through.

File your claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. If it will not cover the damage or your insurance company wants to pay less than you need to repair your home, reach out to Smith Jadin Johnson and we can help.


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