Natural disasters in the United States result in billions of dollars in property damage. However, not many people take the necessary precautions.

Almost 90% of insurance agents think that less than half of their clients have a comprehensive hurricane preparedness plan in place. A majority believe that less than half of their clients comply with orders to evaluate when a Category 3 hurricane, which has sustained winds of 111 to 119 miles per hour, is set to strike their location. This is according to a survey of 96 agents who represent of 2,000 clients with a high net worth.

Many people may believe that having homeowner’s insurance is sufficient preparation, and if they experience a disaster-related loss, their insurance policy will recoup the loss. However, being prepared for a disaster like a hurricane is much more complex, and many people fail to consider the different ways they can be proactive and protect themselves.

Full protection if a natural disaster like a tropical storm or hurricane occurs is not absolutely guaranteed by homeowner’s insurance. If an insurance policy has a deductible, then the property owner will have to pay from 1% to 5% of their home’s insured value. According to information from the Insurance Information Institute, insurers in nineteen states and the District of Columbia have deductibles for hurricanes. Homeowners can get properly prepared by establishing an emergency fund to use to cover their deductible. They can also set up a home equity line beforehand.

An insurance law attorney may assist clients with making sure their insurance provider honors the terms of their homeowner’s policy regarding damages caused by hurricane winds. Litigation may be necessary if a claim is denied in bad faith.


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