It was a beautiful, sunny day, but you noticed that clouds were starting to form. Just a few hours later, the sky was dark and the winds were picking up. Hail fell, heavy winds tore through the neighborhood and your properties were left damaged. Fortunately, they were still standing.

As a property manager, you know how quickly a storm can damage many homes. Now, you’re left with the task of having your insurance provider cover the cost of fixing these properties.

Siding alone can cost thousands. Wood, vinyl, metal or other kinds of siding all have their benefits and downsides, but costs add up quickly if whole panels or a whole house of siding has to be replaced. Simple vinyl siding costs, on average, $6,800 for a 2,200 square-foot property. Add that up across multiple properties, and you can see that this claim is going to be extremely high. On top of that, there may be other damage that has to be identified and remedied.

You could get lucky with warranties.

While insurance should be there to help, the reality is that the company may try to drag out the claim or offer much less than what you think is necessary to repair your properties. The good news is that many kinds of siding have long warranties. Check your records. If there is a warranty, you may be able to seek to exchange the siding. Sometimes, there are limits on warranties, so it’s a smart idea to look them over with your attorney to determine if your situation may qualify for replacement panels.

How can you deal with the insurance agency?

The likelihood is that you’ll need to go through insurance to get the compensation you need after a serious weather event. If the company has denied your claim or has been taking its time getting back to you, it’s time to speak with your attorney.

Your attorney knows how to negotiate with insurance agencies and how to help you get the right compensation for the situation. Your attorney may also be able to help you look into developing a maintenance plan, which is now required by law, so that you can continue to inspect your properties correctly and perform maintenance on them when necessary. With both preventative maintenance and help negotiating with your insurance company for the current problems you’re facing, you’ll be in a better position moving forward than you were to begin with when all is said and done.


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