When natural disasters strike, they may cause various forms of damage to homes and apartments. Items inside of a home or apartment may also be damaged or lost in the aftermath of a storm. A standard homeowners or renters insurance policy in the U.S. will likely cover the cost of repairing a home. It will also likely help individuals pay to repair or replace belongings damaged inside of the home, apartment or condo.

Of course, there are exceptions to what a homeowners or similar insurance policy will cover. For example, one may not help to pay for damages that were caused by a flood or earthquake. Traditional homeowners policies are also unlikely to pay for damages caused by mudslides or other disasters involving moving ground. However, it’s possible to purchase flood or mudslide insurance policies, and it may be necessary to buy coverage for both a home and the possessions inside of it.

Insurance providers may exclude damage caused by any type of weather that is common in a given state or part of the country. In those situations, homeowners can likely buy specific coverage from a private insurance company or a state organization. Finally, insurance policies generally have limits as to how much a person can spend for food or shelter if such items are needed after a storm.

If there is a significant storm in the near-term forecast, it may be a good idea for homeowners to review their insurance policies. In fact, it could be wise to do so before hurricane season or any other time of year when bad weather may occur. Doing so may help a homeowner understand what is covered and if additional coverage may be needed. An attorney can help a person review a policy.


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