Under the Governor’s Order on April 23, 2020, some businesses can re-open their offices so long as they follow certain guidelines set by the State to create a safe workplace.  Specifically, office workers who are essential to the business can return to work if they follow a “preparedness plan” that addresses the following issues:

Work from home is required whenever possible;
Sick workers must stay home;
Social distancing;
Employee hygiene and source control; and
Cleaning and disinfection protocol.

The Minnesota Department of Labor created a template plan that businesses can use to re-open.  Companies that were already critical and exempt under the prior Stay at Home Order (which includes most construction businesses) do not need to develop these plans, but these plans are still a useful tool to maintain safe working conditions both in and outside of the office.  The Department of Labor has also created a specific page with up-to-date FAQ’s, useful links, and documents related to operating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The issues surrounding COVID-19 are constantly changing and evolving.  Contact us today with any questions!


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