Many states continue to be governed by some version of a “stay-at-home order” that prohibits normal social and work gatherings, including courthouses.  This has led to nearly every event imaginable taking place virtually over video conferences platforms like Zoom.  There have been virtual graduations, birthday parties, funeral services, happy hours, business meetings, and more.  As lawyers, we have also utilized virtual platforms to help our clients even while the courts are closed.

Throughout the course of a case, parties and their attorneys would typically meet in-person for several events ranging from depositions, mediations, hearings, and trials.  While many courts were originally hesitant to allow any of these events to take place virtually, there’s been a growing movement allowing just that to take place.  The good news is that it is working with only minimal setbacks.  However, courts are still not allowing jury trials to take place virtually, so all of those cases waiting for a jury trial are still on hold.

Overall, the virtual platforms are proving to be a useful tool that’s allowing firms with the technological capability to keep cases moving even while the Courts remain closed.  We are fully equipped with the latest technology, and we have now handled numerous legal matters virtually.  We stand ready to assist our clients during these unusual times.  If you’ve been waiting for stay-at-home orders to lift before talking to a lawyer about your case, no need to wait any longer.  Call us today so we can set up a virtual consultation.

Anthony Remick – Attorney @ Smith Jadin Johnson, PLLC


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