Ross Hussey recently secured an award after a two-day trial in McCloud County District Court of approximately $230,000 on behalf of his homeowner clients against a roofing contractor who installed a defective membrane roof onto their home.  The roofing work had been performed for the previous owners of the home and unfortunately the damages caused by the improper installation did not manifest until years later.  It was discovered during the lawsuit that the contractor who installed the roof was not licensed to perform the work.  The owner of the company was also found to be individually liable for the judgment as he failed to follow necessary corporate formalities.

While this is a win for the homeowners, it is a reminder to make sure your contractor is properly licensed and insured before engaging them.  It is also a reminder to contractors to have proper licensing and insurance, and to be properly incorporated.  If you have any questions about a construction project or are a contractor in need of legal assistance, please contact SJJ!


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