Home ownership grows for community associations


In the United States, community associations represent the fastest-growing form of home ownership. These organizations include townhome associations, condominium associations and cooperatives. According to a 2010 estimate from the Community Associations Institute, there were 62 million Americans living in community associations. That’s about 25 million homes. There are law firms that serve the legal needs of these associations, including their…

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Tips to File a Property Insurance Claim


Though we all like to believe that our homes are going to last forever, the truth is that losses like hail, wind, fire, and theft do happen in our area. Homeowners insurance protects people from having to pay directly for costly repairs when a loss occurs. This is why all homeowners should have an insurance policy. Unfortunately, in times of…

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What Not To Do When Filing a Property Insurance Claim


Though you may not realize it, filing an insurance claim is a legal process. Do it correctly and you are more likely to get the funds needed to make  necessary repairs to your property. If you don’t, however, you could end up having to pay for repairs out of pocket. Here’s a list of common mistakes to avoid: Don’t clean…

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