Probate Part III – When Probate Should Be Avoided


In part three of Smith Jadin Johnsons series on probate, this post discusses the scenarios when drafting a revocable trust as a client’s main estate planning device, and subsequently avoiding probate, makes the most sense. Depending on the type of estate, revocable trusts can be the preferred method of asset distribution for estates that are complex and for estates that require control over assets and/or privacy.

Probate Part III – When Probate Should Be Avoided2022-03-01T10:04:16-06:00

Probate Part 1: Is It a Four Letter Word?


For many people, when they hear the word “probate” it conjures up something to be avoided like the plague.  Most of that stems from misunderstanding the process and procedure. This is the first of a three part series in which Smith Jadin Johnson explains when probate is appropriate for clients and when it should be avoided.

Probate Part 1: Is It a Four Letter Word?2022-03-01T10:12:57-06:00

Covid-19 & Estate Planning


We’re going to beat this virus.  We will get back to normal.  In the meantime, however, everyone should take the appropriate and prudent steps to ensure their estate plans are in order. 

Covid-19 & Estate Planning2022-03-01T11:23:41-06:00